30 08 2009


Adam Goldstein, Dj AM, was found dead in his NewYork apartment in SoHo.  A crack pipe and perscription pills were found in the apartment. Dj Am had a history of drug addiction, which he openly admitted to. He was set to have his own reality show about his battle that was to premier in October on MTV. Last year Goldstein and friend Travis barker survived a horrific plane crash that left them with injuries and claimed their two friends lives. There is no word on if this was a possible suicide. He had tried to commit suicide in the past. It looks to me like it was an accidental overdose. I follwed his twitter and his tweets always seemed positive. This is another tradedy in hollywood caused by drugs. The past two years people have been dropping like flies. Remeber folks, Crack kills.

Survivor Samoa

28 08 2009


The new season of Survior premiers September 17 on CBS. This season will be taking place in Samoa on their beautiful white beaches along with the creatures inhabiting them. Here are the castaways:

David, 38, fitness instructor from Los Angeles
Betsy, 48, police officer from Campton, N.H.
Mike, 62, private chef from Marina del Rey, Calif.
Ben, 28, mixologist from Los Angeles
Marisa, 26, student from Cincinnati.
Erik, 28, bartender from Ontario, Calif.
Brett, 23, T-shirt designer from Salem, Ore.
Yasmin, 33, hairstylist from Detroit.
Russell, 36, oil company owner from Dayton, Texas.
Elizabeth, 33, urban planner from New York.
Laura, 39, office manager from Salem, Ore.
Kelly, 25, hairstylist from Wilmington, Del.
Russell S, 42, attorney from Glenside, Pa.
Ashley, 22, spa sales from Maple Grove, Minn.
Shannon, 42, sales rep from Renton, Wash.
Natalie, 26, pharmaceutical sales from Van Buren, Ark.

In Theaters Tomorrow

27 08 2009


The Final Destination

R.I.P Ted Kennedy

27 08 2009


Ted Kennedy died in his Massachusetts home on Tuesday. He will be buried with his brothers, Saturday, at Arlington National Cemetary. His sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver died about two weeks ago. Ted Kennedy was the last of his famous brothers to die.

Brown Sentenced

26 08 2009


Chris Brown was sentenced to five years probation and six months community labor for assaulting his ex- girlfriend, singer, Rihanna. He was also ordered to stay 100 yards away from her with the exception of music events.  If Brown violates any of the terms of his sentence he will be facing prison time. His sentence will be served in his home state, Virginia. Rihanna wasn’t present during the sentencing.

The probation report shows of two prior incidents of violence between Brown and Rihanna. One involved Rihanna slapping Brown and him shoving her during an argument. The other, Brown busted the front windows of the vehicle the couple was driving while in Rihanna’s home country, Barbados.  This couple obviously has a violent history and it appears that Brown may have some anger issues, but were these offenses provoked by Rihanna? Is she entirely the victim or should she be taking responsibility for her actions as well? Often when couples are continuously violent and neither walks away from the dangerous and unhealthy environment, both are guilty.

Love Sardines and Not Dying?

23 08 2009

1survivalThis sardine can comes equipped with 25 survival items. It is nearly indestructable, being waterproof and crush proof. Some of the items include a compass, a hook and line, and first aid supplies. Kit Contents

For $9.99 you can get this at thinkgeek.com.

PS3 Slim Is coming!!!

22 08 2009


The PS3 Slim has been comfirmed for a September Arrival. There have also been rumors that it will be shipped as early as August 25. Either way its coming soon! Will you be trying to get your hands on the slimmer $299 version? It comes equipped with built in Bluray so for a lot of people that’s a deal breaker.

Avatar Trailer

21 08 2009

What do you think?

Dead Nation

20 08 2009

Another Zombie killing game! Yay! This time the undead slaying game will be featured on the PS3 as oppose to Left 4 Dead which is only on the X Box 360 console. Will Dead Nation be tough competition for Left 4 Dead or will it be a FAIL?

District 9 Dominates Box Office

20 08 2009

This weekend District 9 raked in $37 million. The Peter Jackson film is claimed to be one of the most original alien sci-fi thrillers.