Green Hornet Movie Is Gonna Bomb?

30 09 2009

1Green_HornetTmz reported that there was a potential bomb threat in the parking lot of the “Green Hornet” set. The bomb squad blew up the metal box, which turned out to be just a metal box. Looks like Green Hornet saves the day…That didn’t make sense.

The movie stars Seth Rogen, also the director. The movie isin theaters December 17.

SNL F Bomb

29 09 2009

SNL premiered on Saturday with host, Megan Fox. You may have expected Megan to F up but another cast member decided to do that for her.

Halo Legends Trailer

29 09 2009

Not very impressed.

Marilyn Manson No More Swine Flu

26 09 2009


Marilyn Manson has posted another bulletin on Myspace saying,

MARILYN MANSON has a clean bill of health and has fully recovered”

TMZ posted a video of Manson at a concert the day before he was diagnosed.

Watch Video

Twitter Worm

24 09 2009

There is a worm going around Twitter claiming to be someone you are following. They send you a link in a direct message. I received one from @eltwigg that was a spam type message saying he earned cash by… and there was a link. I immediately deleted it. These links cause harm to your account so DO NOT CLICK!!!

House Premier

23 09 2009

1Hugh_LaurieHouse premiered last night. The show is as good, if not better than ever. The episode takes place in a psychiatric hospital where Dr. House is admitted. House struggels with the fact that he is there and with the issues of the other patients.  SPOILER!!! House gets out at the end.

Marilyn Manson Has Swine Flu

22 09 2009


Manson has recently posted this in a Myspace bulletin, “So I have officially been diagnosed, by a real doctor, with THE SWINE FLU. I know everyone will suggest that fucking a pig is how this disease was obtained. However, the doctor said, my past choices in women have in no way contributed to me acquiring this mysterious sickness.
Unfortunately, I am going to survive.

Get well soon Mr. Antichrist Superstar.