Mass Effect 2

30 01 2010

I can’t believe I haven’t got my hands on this!

Jay Leno on Oprah

30 01 2010

Jay Leno did an interview with Oprah on Thursday on The Oprah Show. Jay got to share his side of the story. This interview, basically, put all the blame on NBC. Jay says that he never wanted to give up The Tonight Show and that he was asked to leave to make room for Conan. He says that The Jay Leno Show was not the only show with low ratings, but, The Tonight Show was suffering as well. Oprah says she does not understand why people are against Leno, and, that people just do not understand how Television works.

To me, this interview seems like a scheme set up by NBC to get viewers back on Leno’s side. They need Leno to look the good guy to get ratings. The best way to do this is to use Oprah. Oprah is the number one woman on Television and is very influential. Leno once was the number one man in late night Television, so, NBC would probably want him to continue to be to rake in cash. Leno and Oprah appear to be NBC’s puppets in this interview. If you do not understand how Television works, I will tell you. Everything on Television is scripted and rehearsed, including interviews.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

23 01 2010

The fourth movie will start shooting this summer. Johnny Depp is on board with the film, but, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley have jumped ship. The returning characters will be Jack Sparrow and Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa. It is rumored that the film will be centered around the Fountain of Youth as in the original novel. The film is set to be released May 20 2011.

I’m glad it’s just jack and Barb. Bloom and Knightley were annoying. I expect this to be the best of the Pirates moveis.

Conan’s Goodbye…Again

23 01 2010

Conan, once again, says goodbye to his late night show. This time, it is The Tonight Show. Tonight is Conan’s last episode. As I watch, it is very sad to see such a great comedian and host being shoved out the door. I have been a big Conan fan since I was a wee tot and I don’t want to see him go. I hope Conan will be around for bigger and better things. It has always been a dream of mine to work at Universal and for NBC, but, seeing how they screwed over Conan, it seems that it may be more of a nightmare.

So Hollywood

23 01 2010

Olivia Munn and Chris Pine must hate life, being hot young celebrities in all. Either that or they are very angry eaters (om nom nom). Here are two links from two of their dinner dates. Munn really aims high with her rebound from Bryan Greenberg, but really, who cares about her dating life, just show us some more pictures of yourself or be funny…something!

Dinner #1
Dinner #2

Survivor Dies

21 01 2010

Survivor Palau finalist, Jennifer Lyon, lost her battle against Breast Cancer. She was only 37 and had been diagnosed in 2005. It is very sad do lose people to such horrible diseases. R.I.P.


21 01 2010

This movie looks awesome! I love Will Forte and Kristen Wiig.

Crazy Talk!

20 01 2010

Notice that Pat Robertson (crazy man) says, “true story”. I guess that makes it true, right?

Haitians react to Robertson’s ridiculous statement.

You’re never too old to play with sand.

18 01 2010

This woman recently won the Ukrainian version of “America’s Got Talent”.

Fable III trailer

16 01 2010