Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Trailer

19 05 2010

Survivor: Heroes VS Villains Winner

17 05 2010

Sandra won the title of Soul Survivor, along with one million dollars. Parvati came in a close second, losing by one vote. Russel won the last immunity idol, but, it wasn’t enough to win the game. He didn’t receive any of the votes from the jury, but, he did win one hundred thousand dollars for being Sprint’s Player of the Season. This was the second season in a row that Russel won the title.

In my opinion, this was an upset. Parvati should have won. She played the best game from the beginning to the end. Russel had a good shot, but, he was too arrogant to win any votes. Sandra played a good game, but, I don’t believe it was as good as Parvati or Russel’s.

Splice Trailer

12 05 2010

Brian Posehn – Metal By Numbers

7 05 2010

Brain Posehn – More Metal Than You

7 05 2010

Official Music Video Here

2012 Movies

5 05 2010

Batman 3, July 20
The Avengers, May 4
Battleship, May 25
Star Trek 2, June 29
Spiderman, July 3

Joss Whedon Is My Hero

4 05 2010

Whedon gives excellent advice to young filmmakers.

The Last Airbender Video Game

4 05 2010

Adventure, Action
Release Date:
T (Teen)
The Last Airbender movie will soon be in video game form, before the movie even comes out! Play as Aang, Zuko, and The Blue Spirit in the film adaptation of the popular Nickelodeon cartoon series. Players will have a chance to discover their bending powers and control the elements. The Nintendo Wii game includes single player as well as 2 player co-op mode. The Wii-mote adds to the bending experience. The game consists of the movie experience as well as environments that are exclusive to the game. The original cast of the movie is depicted through physical appearance and voice-over.
Here are some features for the Wii game.
Unique Wii Features

  • Action-Packed Levels – journey through 10 Levels of dynamic game play building to an intense climatic battle at the end
  • Amplified Powers – Aang, Zuko & the Blue Spirit all have amplified powers in combo mode where chaining together various attacks inflicts more damage on enemies.  From there, players trigger heavy attacks by performing gestures with their remote in a specific direction prompted by the game.
  • Exclusive Character Powers – Playing as Aang, players charge up Aang’s Avatar state which can rapidly dispatch multiple enemies.  Playing as Zuko, the game play shifts to first person view where players unleash massive fireballs in battle.
  • Arena Mode Battles – Compete in multiplayer mode where  2 players can select an arena and choose between Aang, Zuko or the Blue Spirit to combat waves of enemies.