2 10 2010

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Go 3D!

10 01 2010

One of the most popular topics at CES this year is 3D tv and 3D gaming. It turns out 3D is our future and it is approaching fast. Sony has already developed a 3D tv/gaming experience which I expect will be used to compete with Microsoft’s Project Natal, the tv/gaming system that uses motion sensors as controls. With HD and Digital television already pushing traditional television away, will 3D tv soon make those obsolete?

Segways Suck?

24 12 2009

The Segway is on Gizmodo’s Worst Gadgets of the Decade list. I thought people loved these things. Click here for the whole list.


3 12 2009

This game looks so tight. The next Halo?

Love Sardines and Not Dying?

23 08 2009

1survivalThis sardine can comes equipped with 25 survival items. It is nearly indestructable, being waterproof and crush proof. Some of the items include a compass, a hook and line, and first aid supplies. Kit Contents

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PS3 Slim Is coming!!!

22 08 2009


The PS3 Slim has been comfirmed for a September Arrival. There have also been rumors that it will be shipped as early as August 25. Either way its coming soon! Will you be trying to get your hands on the slimmer $299 version? It comes equipped with built in Bluray so for a lot of people that’s a deal breaker.