Jay Leno on Oprah

30 01 2010

Jay Leno did an interview with Oprah on Thursday on The Oprah Show. Jay got to share his side of the story. This interview, basically, put all the blame on NBC. Jay says that he never wanted to give up The Tonight Show and that he was asked to leave to make room for Conan. He says that The Jay Leno Show was not the only show with low ratings, but, The Tonight Show was suffering as well. Oprah says she does not understand why people are against Leno, and, that people just do not understand how Television works.

To me, this interview seems like a scheme set up by NBC to get viewers back on Leno’s side. They need Leno to look the good guy to get ratings. The best way to do this is to use Oprah. Oprah is the number one woman on Television and is very influential. Leno once was the number one man in late night Television, so, NBC would probably want him to continue to be to rake in cash. Leno and Oprah appear to be NBC’s puppets in this interview. If you do not understand how Television works, I will tell you. Everything on Television is scripted and rehearsed, including interviews.

Conan’s take on the rumors

12 01 2010

Conan O’Brien addressed the rumors that of been circulating over this past weekend on The Tonight Show. Conan took a comedic approach, which is expected of the comedian. One of the comments he made raised some eyebrows. In paraphrase, he said leaving NBC doesn’t sound so bad at this point. Will Conan leave NBC and take The Tonight Show with him? It would be a smart idea for other networks to jump on this as soon as possible. Conan is said to only have a number of days to agree to be moved to a 12:30 time slot, while Jay Leno will take back his old time slot. I say NO TAKSIES BACKSIES! Leno should take an honorable bow and let Conan have the time slot he deserves. As much as I love Jay Leno, this was a risk he took when he decided to leave The Tonight Show.

Watch Conan address the rumors Here

Jay Leno Rumors

7 01 2010

There have been rumors that NBC’s The Jay Leno Show will be canceled but NBC denies the rumors stating, “Jay Leno is one of the most compelling entertainers in the world today. As we have said all along, Jay’s show has performed exactly as we anticipated on the network. It has, however, presented some issues for our affiliates. Both Jay and the show are committed to working closely with them to find ways to improve the performance.” The rumors also include that there may be a schedule change and that this may not be good for current host of The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien. I personally think that Conan has nothing to worry about and that these are just rumors.

JMZ on the Jay Leno Show

8 10 2009

On last nights episode of The Jay Leno Show, Jay made fun of the celebrity stalking show “TMZ”. He called the segment “JMZ”. The skit featured Lance Bass robbing a liquor store and a suprisingly funny Kate Gosselin.

Leno Gets Tough With Kanye

15 09 2009