30 Seconds to Mars – This is War

17 04 2011

Prejudice At Ground Zero

24 08 2010

At an Anti-Muslim rally, the crowd gets very aggressive toward a man who they think is a Muslim. It turns out that the man was a worker at ground zero, on his way home. The man was not a Muslim, even if he was, the crowd had no right to treat him that way. The crowd chants, “No Mosque” in hopes of preventing a Mosque from being built near ground zero. In America, we have religious freedom, so, why would anyone want to deny that to any group of people? The protesters claim that building a Mosque near ground zero is disrespectful to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I don’t understand how it is disrespectful. Muslims did not attack America on 9/11. Al Qaeda was responsible for 9/11. Al Qaeda, in no way, represents Islam as a whole. You can’t blame an entire group of people for actions of others. Should Christians be condemned for the actions of every Jesus loving cult that commits mass suicide? Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization, not a religion. Muslims lived peacefully in America for many years prior to 9/11. It is sickening that people can be so ignorant to harass and ridicule innocent people. As Americans, it is our duty to provide a good example for the rest of the world when it comes to religious tolerance, of which America is founded on. Those who fear Islam should educate themselves on the subject before making irrational accusations, and when I say “educate,” I do not mean watch Fox News. I mean read a book with real and credible information. Be educated on the things you are curious about, or don’t understand. Allow yourself to gain enlightenment. This world desperately needs peace. We cannot have peace, if we continue the conflict.