Poem I Wrote For English Class

21 09 2010

How could I have known that this day would be the opposite of my birthday? It is only a season away. One dark day away, and the grieving will begin, if I am so lucky. How do I say goodbye without looking like a fool? Would it be foolish not to, to say the things I thought to? This day, opposite of my birth, awaits me, yet it does not wait for me. The ticking of the clock beckons me, but what if I refuse to acknowledge time? What if I float in space? Could this day be erased? There is no time to find out. There is no time left.


Edgar Allen Poe; A Dream Within A Dream

9 09 2010

Edgar Allen Poe; The Pit and the Pendulum

9 09 2010

Edgar Allen Poe; The Raven

9 09 2010