Whitman, The New Terminator?

24 10 2010

Is it just me, or could Meg Whitman be a cybernetic organism sent from the future by Sky Net to terminate our jobs? It looks to me that the chip in her head shares the same information contained by the original Terminator. We must stop her! The only fate is what we make!

Glenn Beck “was” a jerk?

28 08 2010

Glenn Beck married his wife and joined the Mormon church just for sex! What a jerk! He’s holding a rally that is supported by the Tea party, which is suppose to be non-political, but it’s all about politics. To make things more ridiculous, the rally is held at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech where he appealed to the government. Beck’s “restoring honor” rally is being held for, as Beck said, “reclaiming the civil rights movement.” Beck claims that the date of his rally and MLK’s anniversary is just a coincidence, but many believe it was intentional. A debate goes on about the rally being disrespectful to King, but the rally will still go on. The people behind the rally, the Tea Party, were against building a Mosque near ground zero because it was “disrespectful” to the victims of 9/11. Does the rally make them hypocrites?

Old News, But Something to Think About

30 07 2010

In 2009, President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize.

The committee said it honored Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” -CNN

CNN Report

Obama recieved the award

In 2009, right before receiving the award, President Obama sent 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

The additional troops, Obama said, “will increase our ability to train competent Afghan security forces and to partner with them so that more Afghans can get into the fight.” – CBC

CBC Report

Isn’t Peace the opposite of Fighting?

How much does it cost to kill people in Afghanistan?

Only $60 Billion.

Bloomberg Report

Troops continue to die in Afghanistan.

Recent CNN Report

Recent Deaths

Associated Press Count

Troops Kill Civilians. NY Times Report

This is just the stuff that has been reported. I’m sure there is a lot more out there.

Tegan And Sara get political

29 07 2010


We Will Overcome . . . right?

28 07 2010

This is what the government has been up to.





^ Where’s our money?


Oh yeah, It didn’t go to the tax payers. It went to the banks and billion dollar corporations. But people are starving and homeless because of our economy. Wouldn’t giving the money back to the taxpayers stimulate the economy? Of course it would, but the government doesn’t care about the poor. They’d rather give our had earned money to rich bastards who have pocketed billions of dollars themselves. But Obama is black and he’s gonna make things better, right? Hell no! He may be black, but he’s still a president, and the presidents job has always been to screw the people on the bottom and get money for the people on the top (big businesses and banks). The thirteen colonies were established to make money for England (cash crop system became a big profit). George Washington, Plantation owner and slave holder, became the first president to maintain the flow of money for his business. Currently, oil is a big money maker. The Bush family, oil company owners, took presidency through father George and son George jr. They used their power to maintain the cash flow into their business, with the help of business associates like Dick Cheney, owner of Halliburton oil well co. and Condoleezza Rice Cheveron director. All of the presidents have been rich business men, or something of the sort, and have had the best interests of businesses as their top priority. Helping U.S. citizens is a minor issue next to making money for their companies and banks. Has a president ever asked you what you need or how they can help you? They certainly don’t have a problem asking banks. They may feed us bullshit to keep us under control and to prevent us from speaking out, but they decisions are made based on money for themselves. Congress decided to give money to banks rather than back to taxpayers which would have put $250,000 into each of our pockets. That could have helped citizens and the economy.

During the Civil Rights movement, thousands of people joined in the march on Washington to fight for themselves. Do you think we can get thousands of people to join each other and fight for our rights? Will thousands of people today, get off their couches and do something about the homelessness, starvation, and abuse of power that we face today? What did they have then that we don’t have now? We know what’s going on in America, but we ignore it. We distract ourselves with 3D movies and video games while everyone around us suffers. What they had then was a voice that was loud enough to be heard. A voice that was created by the unity of people. With no one speaking out, we can’t be heard. With out unity, our voice is small. Taking the time to learn about what’s going on right now isn’t going to kill us, but ignoring it might.

Ignorance In Politics

28 07 2010

Ron Ramsey isn’t sure if Islam is a religion? If you’re an idiot and you do not know, I just wanted to tell you that Islam IS a religion. Ramsey is supported by members of they Tea Party, the same people who accused Shirley Sherrod and the NAACP of being a racist.

R.I.P Ted Kennedy

27 08 2009


Ted Kennedy died in his Massachusetts home on Tuesday. He will be buried with his brothers, Saturday, at Arlington National Cemetary. His sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver died about two weeks ago. Ted Kennedy was the last of his famous brothers to die.