Batman Arkham City Videos

25 02 2011

F.E.A.R. 3 Videos

25 02 2011

Dc Universe Online

30 07 2010

Heavy Rain

12 12 2009

This game looks tight! The gameplay is kinda weird but the theatrics are amazing. One bad thing is that its only on PS3. 360 owners are out of luck. This game looks great but can the gameplay win gamers over? Either way, it looks worth trying out.

PS3 Slim Is coming!!!

22 08 2009


The PS3 Slim has been comfirmed for a September Arrival. There have also been rumors that it will be shipped as early as August 25. Either way its coming soon! Will you be trying to get your hands on the slimmer $299 version? It comes equipped with built in Bluray so for a lot of people that’s a deal breaker.

Dead Nation

20 08 2009

Another Zombie killing game! Yay! This time the undead slaying game will be featured on the PS3 as oppose to Left 4 Dead which is only on the X Box 360 console. Will Dead Nation be tough competition for Left 4 Dead or will it be a FAIL?