The Walking Dead Trailer

1 09 2010

The Cape Preview

24 07 2010

Go 3D!

10 01 2010

One of the most popular topics at CES this year is 3D tv and 3D gaming. It turns out 3D is our future and it is approaching fast. Sony has already developed a 3D tv/gaming experience which I expect will be used to compete with Microsoft’s Project Natal, the tv/gaming system that uses motion sensors as controls. With HD and Digital television already pushing traditional television away, will 3D tv soon make those obsolete?

V review-ish

5 11 2009


So V was awesome. It’s not exactly the same as the original serie from the 80’s but it’s close enough. The characters are different keeping the series fresh. There is a little bit of a twist, which surprised me that they revealed it so soon. Does this mean they have even bigger twists coming? So far the show stays true to the original. Im sure fan boys are squealing like little girls for this new show, I know I am.


3 11 2009

V premiers tonight @ 8 on ABC

The original is good so you might wanna check that out too.

House Premier

23 09 2009

1Hugh_LaurieHouse premiered last night. The show is as good, if not better than ever. The episode takes place in a psychiatric hospital where Dr. House is admitted. House struggels with the fact that he is there and with the issues of the other patients.  SPOILER!!! House gets out at the end.

Emmy Winners

22 09 2009

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