The Visiter’s Return

31 03 2010

The ABC drama, V, returned last night with another great episode. In a recent interview Elizabeth Mitchell did with Bonnie Hunt, Mitchell said a new male character will be introduced and that each episode will have a shocking ending. Well, the new character was introduced in last nights episode and it’s ending was shocking (if you’ve never seen the original). Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, Erica, got to continue being a bad ass, which make me like her even more.

Click HERE to watch full episodes of V, including last nights ep.

V review-ish

5 11 2009


So V was awesome. It’s not exactly the same as the original serie from the 80’s but it’s close enough. The characters are different keeping the series fresh. There is a little bit of a twist, which surprised me that they revealed it so soon. Does this mean they have even bigger twists coming? So far the show stays true to the original. Im sure fan boys are squealing like little girls for this new show, I know I am.


3 11 2009

V premiers tonight @ 8 on ABC

The original is good so you might wanna check that out too.