Send Amber To New York

20 08 2010

Vote for Amber, once a day, for the chance to go to New York for a photoshoot. Amber is my amazingly awesome and beautiful friend and she deserves this very much. Besides having good looks, Amber is also a gamer, an aspiring actress and model. She is interested in voice acting, which is inspired by her favorite show, The Misadventures of Flapjack. Fellow gamers must unite and bring this beauty to New York!

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12 03 2010

Tomb Raider Multiplayer

8 12 2009

Rumors have been circulating for awhile about multiplayer possibly being added to the next installment of the Tomb Raider series. Senior Producer at Crystal Dynamics, Eric Lindstrom, has mentioned, in the past, that multiplayer is always considered when making Tomb Raider games, and, that the next could be it.

I have literally been waiting for this my entire life. I think multiplayer would bring Tomb Raider to a whole other level. Die hard fans will definitely stick with this game and will be satisfied as long as the reboot doesn’t change the game too much.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

17 10 2009

This game looks tight. Too bad I don’t have a Wii.

Daft in DJ Hero

11 09 2009


According to Rolling Stone Daft Punk will be in Dj Hero, coming out October 27th. They report, “Daft Punk will bring their trademark beats, disguises and awesome set designs to DJ Hero (due October 27th), along with 11 exclusive mixes that merge the French duo’s biggest songs with tracks by Queen, No Doubt and Young MC. DJ Hero also marks the first time the mysterious Daft Punk have aligned themselves with a video game.”

Daft is definitely a great fit for DJ Hero, or should I say “daft-initely” hehehe.

Disney buys Wideload Games

8 09 2009


Disney Interactive Studios is set to aquire Wideload Games Inc.  Founder of Wideload,Alexander Seropian, is also founder of Bungie Software. “Wideload Games is among the premier small creative game development studios in the world. Wideload Games will be a great fit for our portfolio of internal studios, and Alex joining the global product development team provides the entire Disney game portfolio with a strong creative influence.”, says Graham Hopper, VP & GM of Disney Interactive Studios.

First Disney buys Marvel and now Wideload, Is Disney planning on taking over the movie and video game industry with Superheros? It would be a smart move since Superheros have a beloved and loyal fan base and gamers…well, love games! This will rake in billons of more dollars to the already worldwide successful company. Producers and developers might as well jump on this wagon while they can.

PS3 Slim Is coming!!!

22 08 2009


The PS3 Slim has been comfirmed for a September Arrival. There have also been rumors that it will be shipped as early as August 25. Either way its coming soon! Will you be trying to get your hands on the slimmer $299 version? It comes equipped with built in Bluray so for a lot of people that’s a deal breaker.

Dead Nation

20 08 2009

Another Zombie killing game! Yay! This time the undead slaying game will be featured on the PS3 as oppose to Left 4 Dead which is only on the X Box 360 console. Will Dead Nation be tough competition for Left 4 Dead or will it be a FAIL?