Marilyn Manson – Born Villain

2 09 2011

My Chemical Romance – “Sing” Official Music Video

19 11 2010

Gnomes, Real or Fake?

25 08 2010

These are videos of Gnomes (Duende) that were spotted in Argentina. Are they real or fake?

Here is an article about the kids who saw the Gnome.

These videos can easily be fake. The camera quality is very poor, the fact that kids always seem to be involved is suspicious, and those Gnomes can easily be toys, regular garden Gnomes, or midgets!…err uh, I mean “little people.” Am I just being skeptical or logical? I believe it is very possible that there are things out there that we have yet to discover, but these videos are far from any discoveries. What do you think?

Brian Posehn – Metal By Numbers

7 05 2010

Brain Posehn – More Metal Than You

7 05 2010

Official Music Video Here

Rare Parrot Can’t Help Himself

6 10 2009

This video was featured on today’s ATN on AOTS. I thought it was funny. Look at him smack the guy with his wings!

Old school Manson

13 09 2009