Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 1

12 10 2011

Amazing! Felicia Day is the queen of web series! Just Brilliant.

New Dragon Age: Redemption Trailer

9 10 2011

This is so cool! Way actiony! Way bloody! Not enough dragony, but full of Felicia Day! The web series premiers Oct. 11. Can’t wait!

Urban Glee: “I Can Do Anything”

7 10 2011

This video is from the finale of season 1 of the web series Bandwagon. It’s an amazing and hilarious web series starring Emma Caulfield, Tracie Thoms, and Karri Bowman, as well as many other talented actors. Check out the Bandwagon movie and the web series HERE. You can also buy this song on iTunes.

Early Marilyn Manson on Phil Donahue

15 08 2011

Marilyn Manson Biography

11 08 2011

Who Wants a Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles Movie?

23 06 2011

Recently, billionaire heiress and film maker of Annapurna Films, Megan Ellis, obtained the rights to the Terminator franchise. Ellison will be the person in charge of making a fifth Terminator film and any other potential Terminator films (sequels, etc.) Ellison has the money and the rights, so what is stopping her from making a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles film or possibly continuing the popular television series? Since the television show was terminated before its time, leaving fans without any closure to the story, fans have desperately been trying to get the show back. http://www.savethescc.com/ is a site where fans from all around the world have come together to fight for the show. Other fan sites have joined the “resistance” as well. There is also a convention for the show where fans can rally and show their love for the show that will take place next year. The convention is called “No Fate Con,” named after Sarah Connor’s famous motto from the show. Visit http://www.nofatecon.com/ for details.To pay respects to the devoted fans and the vitality that they have given the Terminator franchise over the years, it is only right that Ellis ties up loose ends before starting her own chapter in the franchise. A Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles film would be perfect for that. It doesn’t even have to be a huge production. The devoted fans would be pleased with a ‘straight to DVD’ film, if that’s what it takes.

*CORRECTION: Pacificor has the rights to the franchise and would be responsible for a TSCC movie. Ellis has permission to do T5, but I don’t see why permission can’t be granted to do a TSCC movie.

Jack Plotnick’s New Thoughts For Actors

18 06 2011

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 8

31 05 2011

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 7

24 05 2011

Ringer ft. Sarah Michelle Gellar

20 05 2011